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6 Things to Do BEFORE Your Nonprofit Leader Retires

You live in a small town, and the community newspaper runs a frightening headline: “Mysterious Disease Strikes Town: One of Three Residents Will Disappear by 2017.”

You read the article, and the news is even worse than you thought. By 2020, scientists predict, two out of three residents will be gone. Look to the left of you. Look to the right. In five years, you will not see those two people anymore.

This news is real—only, the “small town” is the people who serve as leaders of nonprofit organizations. At least in New England, where I live, a third of them will be gone in two years, and almost two-thirds in the next five years. The numbers are similar nationwide.

But it isn’t a dread disease that will take them away. It’s retirement.

pass the baton

Passing the leadership baton

How can your nonprofit organization prepare for the epidemic of Baby Boomer retirement?

Here are three things your current Executive Director should do before he or she retires–and three things you can do as a Board member. Read my guest post on Tripp Braden’s Developing Serving Leadership blog.


5 Lessons You Can Learn from Children’s Books

Books aimed at children have a lot to teach us too. It all depends who we are and what we wish to learn.

Are you a nonprofit organization? 

Find out what stories you should be telling. Can Your Nonprofit Tell a Story to Save Its Life? 

Learn how to tell those stories and suck the reader right in. What Nonprofits Can Learn from Peter Pan

Make sure your fundraising is not too hot, not too cold, just right. Goldilocks and the Three Nonprofits

Are you a marketer for either a business or a nonprofit?

Get inspired to make your audience feel the difference you can make in their lives. Putting On the Shoes: What Ray Bradbury Taught Me about Marketing

Are you a consultant, like me? Do you know what pleases your clients? Read:

What to Do When the Client Asks for the Moon


Now it’s your turn. What’s your favorite children’s book, and what have you learned from it about communicating?



Small nonprofits can ROCK social media. Here’s how.

Are you on Facebook or Twitter but don’t really know what to do with them? Do you wish you had the time and the budget to do social media like the big kids?social media

Small nonprofits, take heart! You have unique advantages you can use to make social media your own.

In The No-Nonsense Nonprofit Guide to Social Media, I guide you step by step.

  • Learn how to read your audience’s mind and give them content that will make them loyal friends of your organization.
  • Find out how to choose the right social media and how to turn every single idea into ten blogs, posts, tweets, and videos.
  • Understand how to make your social media support your fundraising.

I wrote this ebook especially with you in mind. The practical approach  you’ll find in The No-Nonsense Nonprofit Guide to Social Media will help you start small and grow your social media into an important part of your organization’s work.

Social media can help you build stronger relationships with your donors, clients, and supporters. Doesn’t your good work deserve that support?  Order the ebook today and get started on rocking social media.