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Who Cares about Your Company?

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The Market Basket in Somerville, MA where I live is doing hardly any business at all. The reason? Most of the workers—and many customers—are outside. As Bloomberg reports:

Thousands of the supermarket chain’s employees have organized rallies at their local stores and at the company’s headquarters during the last week. Were these employees rallying for higher wages, better benefits, and predictable schedules — the needs so many retail employees face? No, they were demonstrating to help their ousted CEO, Arthur T. Demoulas, get his job back (he was fired in June after [a] coup led by his cousin, Arthur S. Demoulas).

Why do workers at Market Basket care so much about who runs the company?  They see the issue as what kind of company they work for.
- See my guest post at for what you can learn from the Market Basket story!

How to Go on Vacation

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You’re responsible for all the accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, the works.  You post–and just as important, you listen–on every platform.

You do it for your clients. You do it for yourself.

How do you go on vacation?

You could be lucky and have a partner, or staff, to pick up the slack.

You could be super-organized and have all your posts set up in advance.  (But then what do you do when they bomb the Boston Marathon and you’re still tweeting cat videos?)

You could go radio silent.  Will you still have a job (or a business) when you come back?

Whatever you choose, let people know about it in advance.  Say, “For the next two weeks, my partner Pamela will get to read and respond to what you post.  You will love her. See you when I get back!”

Or, “I’m taking a vow of internet silence for the next two weeks. It’s good for the soul.”

You deserve that vacation, so take it and do not look back.  Just let us know.  We’ll miss you…and look forward to your return.



12 Signs You’re Addicted To Reading

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Dennis Fischman:

Guilty as charged!

Originally posted on 101 Books:

Before I start today’s post, I’ve got to give credit to Thought Catalog—who inspired me with a post on this topic a couple of weeks ago.

So I’m totally stealing the idea, without stealing any of their specific points, and hopefully we can have fun with this.

The premise is simple: How do you know if you’re addicted to reading?

Here are the signs:

View original 245 more words

Communications Coordinator job at Jane Doe, Inc.

If you’re looking to put your communications skills into full-time work for a good cause, apply to Jane Doe Inc. Your boss will be a Toni Troop, is a smart, funny, committed activist and professional. You’ll like working with her!

Are You Writing Memos When You Should Be Telling Stories?

All week, I’m a communications consultant for businesses and nonprofit organizations. Then, every Sunday morning, I tutor twelve-year-olds for the Jewish coming-of-age ceremony that’s called bar mitzvah for boys or bat mitzvah for girls.

At a certain point—it happens to almost all of them—they lose confidence. “I always mispronounce that word,” one tells me. “I’ll never get that tune right!” another says. And the irony is that they are so close, right at that moment. All they need is to know they can do it.

So I tell them the story of my bar mitzvah.  Read that story at

What about your organization? Are you writing memos when you should be telling stories?

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